Welcome to Birmingham Community Development Scheme

Welcome to Birmingham Community Development Scheme


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Birmingham Community Development Scheme acts as a channel for voluntary work experience, training and paid employment, as well as setting a trend without attaching the stigma usually attached to employing ex-offenders. We look beyond stereotypes – we work with each person as an individual and focus on their skills and assets. We provide extensive support and mentoring to maintain these changes, thus contributing to a positive society. 

Because of the delicate nature, BCDS need to be selective throughout the sourcing, vetting, training, management and supervision of team members. A strict code of conduct and protocol is in place for all employees, all of who receive ongoing appraisals. 

BCDS has countless success stories – our team has shown their skills and life experiences to be a real asset. With the right support, they can perform with the professionalism and integrity like anyone else in a working environment. 

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Birmingham Community Development Scheme: is community-based organization that focused on helping the long term unemployed and ex-offenders through employability workshops, job club, CVs, cover letters and mock interviews. 

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