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Birmingham Community Development Scheme delivers a variety of services designed to explore the underlying causes of criminal and antisocial behaviour. 

By establishing the cause, motive, and actions behind why people partake in crime, it will help us to find specific solutions to these problems. BCDS offer a tailored service that’s delivered as a one-off intervention, or as part of a series of specially designed workshops within a set programme. 

The distinct benefit of BCDS – what we deliver is the product of experience. This perspective sets us apart from the rest. The crucial distinction is the real-life experience and creditability that ex-offenders can share with young people and youth offending practitioners. They have ‘walked the walk and talked the talk’ so they are apt to deliver programmes with maximum impact. 

BCDS address most of the problem’s other organisations and public bodies ignore, or are too afraid to address. When someone is released from prison, there’s no programme to help him or her from re-offending and going back to prison. BCDS is strategically placed to address this problem. We work with ex-offenders to eradicate despair and hopelessness – together we find a solution. 

Our scheme helps clients by mentoring, training, and placing them in our programme to work as a consultant in our Crime Diversion Scheme. We create employment for ex-offenders, which integrate them back into society. The BCDS programmes are conducted by ex-offenders that work as consultants/facilitators within our scheme. They deliver the message/objectives of the organisation in a professional manner. 

BCDS remit is to work with families, young offenders, serving inmates, and ex-offenders to help them do something significant with their lives instead of entering a life of crime again. We work with those leaving prison in the first initial stage of their freedom; we run mentoring programmes for ex-offenders who have just left prison; and we operate a crime diversion programme that’s tailored to those who are as risk of offending or re-offending. 

Birmingham Community Development Scheme has teamed up with the West Midlands Police Crime Commissioner, Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust, MP’s, Counselors, Churches, and local communities to reduce crime, unemployment, exclusion, stigmatisation, homelessness, and the feeling of despair to young people and ex-offenders in Birmingham. This is a community led organisation that's run by members who play an integral part in its administration. 

BCDS and BYEP staff appreciation day. A happy workforce produce excellent result.

BCDS and BYEP staff appreciation day. A happy workforce produce excellent result.