Birmingham Community development Scheme

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Participants with tutor


BCDS Holiday Club 2013 in Highgate

Holiday Club at BCDS


Children at BCDS holiday club at our office

Participants with Tutor


Holiday club at BCDS office in 2013

Discussing gangs and knife crime with young people


BCDS doing workshop with children and young people on gangs, drugs, knife and guns crimes 2013

Homework club


BCDS Homework Club in Chandos Primary school 2014

BCDS Volunteers and Participants


BCDS Lottery grant appreciation 2013

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BYEP young people


BCDS young volunteers at Lee Bank Moonlit Park community event 2014

Ballet Lesson at Laurel Road Community Sport Centre


BCDS doing Ballet lesson with children and young people in Handsworth 2018

At Woodview Park


Funding from Sported to run the B515 sport program in Lee Bank and Highgate in 2015

BCDS Community event in Lee Bank


BCDS family fun day in Moonlit Park 2014

Homework Club


Sharing a moment with student at Chandos Primary in BCDS homework club

Student Placement of the Year


BCDS staff with two Coventry university students placement parading their trophies for capping volunteers of the year 2017

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B515 Sport project 2014

B515 Sport project in Moonlit Park to divert Young people from Knife crime

Sport project to divert young people from knife crime in Highgate and Lee Bank

Art & Craft Project 2015

Art and Craft project with children in Calthope Park 2015

Art project in Calthope Park with children at out holiday club.

Turn the Page Holiday Club runs by BCDS and BYEP


Our annual holiday club in Highgate during the summer of 2016

BYEP and BCDS Turn the Page Homework Club at BCDS office


Weekly homework club at BCDS office

BCDS and BYEP Turn the Page Holiday Club


Children from BCDS holiday Club chilling out in Highgate 

Homework Club at Chandos Primary


Children taking time out at our homework club