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Homework Club


BCDS provides Homework Club to children and young people in Handsworth and Highgate. 

Young people from various backgrounds are trained, as peer mentor’s to provide extended one-to-one support for other young people who are at risk. We work with the business community in Birmingham and the West Midlands to find suitable role models and mentors for young people to emulate.

Empolyment Workshop


BCDS runs employ-ability workshops, job club, CV, work placement to the long term unemployed. 


Support Opportunity Employment

Added to the training and support BCDS provide to clients introducing them back into the workplace, we recognised that everyone’s circumstances are different. We seek to help by providing additional support and mentoring to groups of young people who may find securing employment a bit more challenging. 

The initiatives mentioned below are examples of the work scheme designed to complement the Government’s work programme. 

Support for families

A programme designed to help teenage girls and young single parents to overcome the problems of unemployment, and those having difficulty finding work after a conviction, or being released from custody. 

BCDS support worker’s identifies, and address problems linked with social issues that might otherwise be a barrier to finding employment. We provide a mentoring service, support work, access to education, work placements and housing support for young offenders and ex-offenders. 

Ex-offenders Project



Birmingham Community Development Scheme (BCDS) is a specialist organisation in Birmingham that provides mentoring to young offenders, and ex-offenders. BCDS specialise in the delivery of behaviour modification workshops, seminars, and programmes for young people who are offending, or who are at risk of re-offending.